Radio Numydia

The Law of Attraction

Anything you want in this life, no matter what. Whether it is a material thing or a romantic relationship? Or an amount of money? Mother is in good health or a better social rank? Anything…whatever… Do you want it because you think when you get it you will feel good…right?? This answer is true for all humans and in all cases without exception. That is, you are waiting for your goal to be achieved so that your resentment will change to satisfaction and your misery to happiness Unfortunately, things never turn out like that. You get what you want. You must be emotionally compatible with him. You and everything in this universe is undulating energy with different vibrations So: Your world is a vibrating world. Feelings of all kinds are energy vibrations of different frequencies

And since the universe is based on (the law of attraction), which is its greatest law. An example will always attract it is like… High-frequency feelings will attract similar ones and vice versa! What do we understand from this?! is that you have to be in a good feeling to be able to attract what you want And that you continue to have the same “thinking” and the same negative feelings will give you the same “hesitation” and thus the same life line…

Everything that happened to you in your life, every experience, every relationship, is only a mirror of your previous patterns of thinking and feelings.

So, what is the price that I must pay to achieve what I desire?!!

Simply nothing…! Just “make yourself happy” by thinking “here and now” regardless of the surrounding circumstances… and you will notice that everything will automatically and gradually become better to start receiving your desires in turn.

Q: I want to ask when attraction is achieved when I work in it??

A: It is achieved when you give up your resistance towards it… and this may take a day, a month, a year, or ten years… depending on the person and his certainty of attraction. every intention is realized unless it is hindered. Three things impede the intention. Either skepticism about its realization… or attention Focusing on the unwanted reality and feeding it with interest and feelings…or opposite intentions

Q: It is genuinely nice. I have a question, which is that in our lives we sometimes encounter great obstacles, and they may be complicated and painful. Can we say that a big door will open for us? In other words, the greater the severity of the problem, the greater our awareness and relief.

A: The tests are in proportion to awareness. It cannot be a great test for a person with low awareness. Whenever awareness rises, the test comes in proportion to elevation. But in general, everything that brings us to our lives is evaluate of moving from one stage to another in the ladder of consciousness. Or because of our negative vibrations which have attracted us obstacles or old karmas that we get rid of to purify us. Do not worry about tests and challenges if you have love and purity,

If you are grateful and satisfied with life and not discontented. At all levels, everything that passes you is good in your heard. Even if it is because of your negative vibrations. The test has come here to teach you a lesson and put you on the right path to complete your ascent in peace.

Q: To get what I want; I must be emotionally compatible with it. How do I have a good relationship with him??

A: You are compatible with it by that the frequencies emanating from your being are compatible with the frequencies of what you want and not vice versa. In general, the frequencies emanating from positive emotions such as happiness, love, gratitude, and joy are high and thus attract similar ones of goodness, abundance, and happiness. As for negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, or fear, despair, jealousy, attachment, hatred, anger, etc. They have extremely low frequencies and attract similar problems, obstacles, and obstacles in life.