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Because healing is very unpleasant!
Barriers to recovery include giving up living in the past, ceasing to be a victim, and fear of change.
Directing our thinking and energy to our past comes at the expense of our cells and organs, which need energy to function and heal.
Healing requires living in the present and reclaiming the energy trapped in our traumas and wounds.
The only reason to nurture and keep the past alive is the bitterness of what happened.
Refusing to forgive a past event or person leaks energy.
Forgiveness heals leaks.
Forgiveness has nothing to do with not empowering others for the hurts they have caused.
When we come to see a painful event in our life as a message or a challenge rather than a personal betrayal, the life energy associated with that event flows back into the energy circuits of our physical body.
People don’t get well because they haven’t freed themselves from the illusion of being a victim.
Healing often requires changes in lifestyle, environment and relationships.
In this, change can be frightening!
It’s easy to stay in a waiting pattern, saying you don’t know what to do, when that’s seldom true.
In fact, when we stay in a waiting circuit and know exactly what to do, we are terrified of acting on it.
Change is frightening, and waiting time gives a sense of security, when the only way to truly gain that sense of security is to enter the whirlwind of change and feel alive again.
Healing requires action: eating right, exercising daily, thinking outside the box, produces healthy changes in the physique.
Letting go of the past, letting go of stressful jobs or inappropriate relationships are actions that release the body’s energy.
What improves one improves the other, physical power and energy are inextricably linked. ”