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The heart in the olive trees, the head in the change, this olive cultivator, by transformation, who has deserted paper and ink, immovably accepts that the Algerian virtuoso can accomplish marvels on account of the earth. Energetic and persuaded that the future lies in agribusiness, Hakim understood his fantasy: to pick the product of what he planted with his own hands.

“On the off chance that you do not take care of the earth, it will not take care of you.”  This saying, Hakim ALILECHE has made it his leitmotif for an exceptionally long time. With the olive tree in his blood, Hakim left the printing business at 32 years old to, he says, “live in spaces” and “make the earth live”. Hakim makes this work transformation his test, he who “relaxes” the earth.


Initially from Ouadhias, in the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou, he has consistently developed this fantasy about planting and assembling. Fifteen years subsequent to landing in Djelfa, Hakim disentangled the privilege

d insights of olive forests and olive developing. Its “Dahbia” oil even won, last July, the silver decoration in the public rivalry for the best additional virgin olive oil “JAPAN 2020”, a contest coordinated by Inraa (National Institute for Agronomic Research of ‘Algeria) and Sam-Global.


How is it possible that Hakim would prevail in this space once held uniquely for prepared ranchers on the beaten track? How was this fledgling olive cultivator ready to rise above every one of the notions of this calling, with every one of the dangers he was running?


At the point when he got the decoration from INRAA and Sam-Global, he saw with certainty the individuals from the jury made out of Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Spanish, French and Italian specialists who chose “Dahbia” in the classification of oils. “Extraordinary green fruity”, the most esteemed of cold-separated virgin oils. A glad shock.


This differentiation will acquire him a global standing. Hakim can barely manage it. Furthermore, in light of current circumstances, last Tuesday he was reached, from the United States of America and Germany, by two marks to fashion associations in the field of natural and internationally ensured completed items.


On account of the innovations coordinated into the creation interaction, our oil goes through a Premium squashing “, indicates Hakim who uncovers that his aspiration, in the medium term, is to increment to 500,000 olive trees. In the investigation stage for arable land, he has as of now chose to furnish his whole homestead with different advances, including GPS. Today, “the firm” Dahbia addresses a yearly creation volume of 2,000 quintals, or what might be compared to 40,000 liters of oil subsequent to squashing in natural development

From squashing to handling


“We do everything to guarantee that our creation is 100% natural. We have never utilized synthetic composts, manures, insect sprays or different items that could crumble the land and the olive trees. Very soon, I intend to apply for an award to reestablish the 10-year-old dribble water system framework. A short time later, the earth

 talks. The olive tree as well. The profit from speculation relies upon its accessibility and its connection to the land.” Says Hakim.


Other than a task, it is an adoration. “My conviction is that all that we eat comes from the earth,” fosters our questioner who expects to dispatch, very soon, a huge scope project. Having gained a plate of land with his own assets in the modern zone of Aïn Ouessara (Djelfa), Hakim intends to foster every farming item, retaining excess leafy foods.


With lines committed to handling, this venture additionally includes the capacity, bundling, marking, and palletizing of items planned for huge surfaces from one side of the country to the other and for send out. It will uncover that a different line will be committed solely to freezing on fluid nitrogen to get ready disinfected natural items prepared for utilization.


“There will be a few lines in this handling unit, including semi-modern protection to offer new items without added synthetic parts“, he clarifies, determining that his task is at an advancement pace of 50. %. “It stays to obtain the hardware. Given the circumstances; I depend a great deal on monetary help.


It is a profoundly beneficial undertaking with high added esteem. As per our statistical surveying, we will actually want to reimburse the advance in under five years. This is a first in the wilaya of Djelfa “, he says, confirming that this unit will likewise have a line to make hard cardboard plate (boxes) for products of the soil.


Hakim who, is persuaded of his experience, accepts he is accomplishing his goals inside the distributed time and is exceptionally hopeful, particularly as the most recent government rules energize this sort of movement, like change.