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Have you ever had that weird feeling of being bad luck all the time? You may be struggling to achieve your goals, but there is an invisible force that ruins everything. For many people, this is a sign that it is not possible to get rid of bad luck. If you have always felt that luck was not on your side, you should change your mind today. For what? Because this article will prove to you that ordinary people consider themselves very lucky, they prove it every day. So how to get rid of bad luck?

Does bad luck really exist?

You can’t run away from bad luck until you take stock with this important question. This is all the more important since opinions on this subject are very divergent. Many people probably believe that bad luck exists. They want proof of this in the fact that they achieve almost nothing. It seems to them that good opportunities are for others, and never for themselves. If personal experience tends to suggest that we are sometimes unlucky, we must still recognize a fact: “Those who prepare to achieve a goal and put all the odds on their side rarely fail.” 


The fact is therefore that bad luck is above all a figment of the mind. If you believe you have her, you will indeed feel that she is chasing you. If you’re wondering how to get rid of bad luck, there’s one mistake you should never make again.

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Why don’t the items supposed to attract luck work?

To get rid of bad luck, many expedients are often recommended. For example, some people swear by stones of protection, or by the left hind leg of the rabbit which is used as a lucky charm. But in reality, these things don’t really work. For what?


Because they will not, for example, prevent you from having an accident if you drive after drinking. They will not make a terminally ill person abruptly recover his health. Some things in life are not inherently bad luck. They are just part of life. And wearing a lucky charm hardly changes anything.


Let me take an example: a 60-year-old American discovered one day that all her children had diabetes and hypertension. They seemed to be in good health, however, and she took the trouble to control their diet. She thought at first that bad luck was against her. Indeed, his parents had died two weeks earlier in a car accident. But it was later discovered that her diabetes was linked to a genetic disease, which she had passed on to her children. In addition, the latter had difficulty channeling their anger, which had accelerated the appearance of symptoms related to hypertension. In the end, therefore, what seemed to be bad luck was linked to health reasons and a genetic disease.


So, what should we conclude? Well, you can overcome what you seem to call bad luck. All you need to do is take strict and precise measures to attract more luck to you. But how to get rid of bad luck concretely?

How to get rid of bad luck: the unstoppable trick

There is an unstoppable trick to stop being trapped by what is called bad luck. This trick can be summed up in just 2 words: think positively. How does your way of thinking help you might say?


In 1996, the magazine Science News relayed a study carried out in Finland on 2,500 people aged 42 to 60. The study aimed to assess the frequency of onset of disorders related to mental and physical illnesses in these subjects. The results were surprising. The study revealed that in the first group of people followed over 10 years, the death rate was 3 times higher than that of people in the 2nd category. There were also more cancers and heart attacks. But do you know what differentiated the 2 groups? The first was made up of very pessimistic people, and the second was made up of very optimistic people.


The results of the study were therefore clear: people with a positive state of mind had fewer problems and lived longer.


It is understood that these people also get more things out of life. Maybe they have more professional opportunities, or more opportunities to experience true love. But is it because they are exceptional? Often it is simply because they are optimistic. Luck smiles on them because they strongly believe that things will be better than in the past. They know how to get rid of bad luck.

Practical case to get rid of bad luck.

Let’s illustrate what we say with a practical case. Take two young women who are looking for true love, or at the very least, a reliable and serious partner. If you have experienced several failures in love, you could equate it with bad luck. You may think that all men are the same, or that you will never please anyone. If you think like that, what are your real chances of finding a man you like? So how do you get rid of bad luck in love?


On the other hand, your successive failures can convince you of things: either you must improve as a person to please more, or you have often come across people who did not deserve you. In either case, this love failure was an experience that will help you choose the next lover more wisely, or else, to be more loving, more reassuring, perhaps less jealous and more conciliatory.


I ask you: of the 2 women, who is more likely to meet and be appreciated by a man?


A positive mindset can therefore help you work with the goal of success. You will succeed more easily, whatever you want to undertake. Another important piece of advice, learn to love yourself before trying to make others love you.


Take action: 4 actions against bad luck.

So, what are the actions to put in place to know how to get rid of bad luck? Here are 4 that are essential:


  1. Change your thought pattern.

The first thing to do to escape bad luck is to change your way of thinking. This may be easier said than done, especially if you have always believed that you are unlucky. But what exactly needs to be changed? Well, you have to convince yourself first that bad luck is a mindset that you can reverse.


To do this, you must begin by understanding how an unlucky state of mind is built. Many people who can’t get rid of bad luck have become convinced that they can’t get it over time. An accumulation of unfortunate experiences and disastrous coincidences have convinced them that bad luck follows them. In their case, the construction of the thought pattern follows the following logic:


Unhappy experience

Permanent experience

  1. Construction of a defeatist thought (bad luck)

You must reverse this process to ward off bad luck. The more you think you are capable, the more successful you will be in your projects. To build this more optimistic thought pattern, give yourself a different process like this:


  1. Building an optimistic thought (I can do it)

Successive experiences

Positive experience

In other words, if you think you can do what you do, the results will be more and more positive. In the end, you will accumulate positive experiences. You will probably say to yourself “I am lucky”! But in reality, this result is the product of a more enterprising state of mind, this is called continuous improvement.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people.

It is mistakenly thought that certain objects are supposed to attract good luck. But the same cannot be said of humans. By associating with certain people, you effectively reduce your opportunities and your hopes for success. How is it possible?


Well, we’re kind of designed like sponges. The people around us rub off on us and transmit their energy to us. You probably know that, and that’s why you forbid your kids from befriending other unsavory kids. But could you say that this rule applies to them and not to you?


If you’re wondering how to get rid of bad luck, change the way you view friends as useless or dangerous. People who are critical, lazy, or quick to get discouraged will transmit their state of mind to you. If you are constantly with them, do not be surprised to find that it is more difficult for you to dare, to undertake or to succeed. You have to choose your friends well to feel yourself pulled up.


In this file dedicated to toxic people, I have offered unstoppable tips to get rid of these people who attract bad luck. These tips will help you find motivating and inspiring people, both in your family life and professionally.

Do good around you.

If you are a bit superstitious, it will be easier to implement the third tip: do good around you to get rid of bad luck. Certainly, not everyone thinks that it is enough to do good to attract good luck. But millions of other people believe that kindness does help achieve that goal. They think, for example, that our life is a cycle of perpetual rebirths, and that fate leads us towards a kind of positive reincarnation when we have done a lot of good during our life. For these people, therefore, it is enough to do good regularly to balance one’s karma and succeed in life.


Not everyone shares this thesis. But it does suggest one thing: you’re more likely to be presented with additional opportunities, and even benefits, when you naturally do good. Contrary to popular belief, kind, outgoing, and helpful people are more likely to enjoy life and are better at knowing how to get rid of bad luck.


Finally, if it is possible to provoke destiny, as much to provoke it positively as negatively, isn’t it?


Let’s illustrate with an example.

Suppose you are the boss of your own business. You have to part ways with an employee due to economic constraints. Who will you choose?


An efficient and meticulous employee, but cold, unsympathetic, and hated by his colleagues

An efficient, friendly employee who is appreciated by others and who has often come to your aid.

Who will have the chance to keep their job? If you only have a little common sense, you won’t fire the second. For what? Because his kindness will contribute to perpetuating a good atmosphere in the company. It is even possible that other colleagues militate in its favor, is not it? You can imagine which of the two figured out how to get rid of bad luck.


Conclusion: if you want to attract good luck, be really nice. Donate your time to help others. Give a lot in love. Do not be stingy with your affection and show altruism. Miraculously, you will be more loved, more appreciated, and many doors will open by themselves.


Learn to seize the right opportunities.

You can finally get rid of bad luck by using common sense and pragmatism. Sometimes we think we are unlucky when we only have a little trouble seizing opportunities when they arise.


Here is an example that illustrates it perfectly:

Author Richard Wiseman reports that people who considered themselves lucky or unlucky were once asked to do a little exercise: read a certain newspaper and count the photographs in it. Those who find the exact number of photos will win 100 euros.


After a few seconds, everyone who thought they were lucky stopped counting. The unlucky ones (at least those who thought of themselves as such) listed all the photos before closing the diary. What had happened?


The lucky ones stopped counting because they quickly saw an insert in the newspaper announcing that they had just won 100 euros because the newspaper contained 45 photographs. Those who said they were unlucky were so obsessed with the task entrusted to them that they did not even see the insert in question…


In life, luck and bad luck are sometimes just a matter of opportunity. If you want to get rid of bad luck, learn to recognize and seize opportunities to do things differently. If you learn to dare, if you surround yourself with friends who encourage you, you will develop this instinct and your life will change forever. You will finally know how to get rid of bad luck and succeed every time.