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Often, when you have a difference in opinion with someone else, you are encouraged to “see the world from their perspective.” What does that.

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What do the answers to these questions look like? If you take a different perspective, such as a manager or an executive, how do these.

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If someone has a tunnel vision, we try to offer a different perspective that has a more complete view. Sometimes, two perspectives may be.

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To do this you need to cultivate your imagination a bit - and the ability to 'consult' with sponsors and role models. You don't have to speak personally with them.

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Perspective taking is that all important skill of being able to look at things from a point of view other than our own. Perspective taking brings in.

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Here are 4 ways to get some perspective. It can be painful to hear other people's criticisms, no matter how constructive, and sometimes, even compliments.

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If you can develop the ability to really see through another person's eyes, you'll be tapping into an incredibly powerful tool for managing your life. And it's a skill.