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Radio Numydia first went on the air in April, 2005, the result of a few years of hard work by Sonia Ait-Ahmed and Noureddine Ladjadj a dedicated volunteers for Berber's first community radio station in America. The call letters stand for: Member-sponsored Non-commercial Internet Radio. Radio Numydia is a listener-supported community radio station that celebrates cultural diversity and is committed to equality, peace and economic justice. Radio Numydia provides broadcasts and other forums with a grassroots local emphasis, that promote creative, musical, and political vitality. Radio Numydia advocates for peace, social and environmental justice through independent media and programming neglected by the mainstream. I embrace diversity, tolerance of others’ opinions and freedom of expression. Radio Numydia celebrates and promotes the creative, cultural and political vitality of the Berber community. The force that drives this organization is its sense of values, and therefore Radio Numydia provides programming that is consistent with those values. Radio Numydia's music, arts, and cultural programming cover a wide spectrum of expression from traditional to experimental, reflecting the culture I serve. I strive to foster an appreciation of music and culture I serve. I strive to foster an appreciation of music and culture that is not generally available to my listeners. I provide access to the airways for individuals and organizations that support my mission. Community events also serve as a public extension of my programming and mission. I am committed to the values expressed by my mission, especially as they relate to issues involving the various ethnic groups living in our community, women, the economically disadvantaged or challenged, and other groups who may be disenfranchised in our society. I offer safe haven for expression by members of these groups, regardless of their social status, race, gender, or sexual orientation, and by my activities hope to promote peace, goodwill and a sense of community beyond the walls of this radio station.