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11 Celebrities Who Change Dramatically Without Makeup Once upon a time, seeing a female celebrity without makeup was like spotting a unicorn.

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Here are some celebrities who are unrecognizable without makeup. . has said she prefers to go for bold and "very dramatic makeup" when performing, social media did not react with uniform kindness when Stefani changed her look for the .

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That celebrities do some serious glam up for red carpet appearances is not secret. But, it unbelievable how some of them look in their 'natural.

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We all have a celebrity that we admire, from their amazing voice, their acting abilities or the way they make it work on the runway. Whatever the reason.

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It's no secret that celebrities have the ability to change their looks with the world's top professionals at their fingertips. Whether it's their makeup, hairstyles.

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Find out what your favorite celebrities without makeup look like. Makeup ( especially contouring) can drastically transform the way you look. Katy Perry's a star known for changing up her look, but you can almost always.